Wednesday, August 22, 2007

are democrats dumb?

seriously? is it a pre-requisite that you have to have the IQ of a an inbred monkey to be a democratic lawmaker? they simply do not get it. super-simple arguments are beyond them. and they have not, after 7 years, been able to successfully untwist even the most rudimentary of logical knots that bush/rove have tied.

for instance, read this.

ok, so the logical counter-argument is not to get lost in the weeds of the republicans still failing to create "political reconciliation" in iraq. the counter argument is to say "so if the surge is working, the troops will be coming home soon, right?"

the answer, as always, is no. the troops are not coming home any time soon. if anything, we will be sending more and more. just like the iraq = vietnam analogy that bush will be using soon, it's just so simple to unravel. yet the democrats cannot figure it out.

it almost makes you wonder if they really care. or if they aren't just all "pretending" to be oppositional. they just can't be this stupid. can they? people want the troops home. republicans aren't getting that job done. hammer and hammer away at that. that's the only story needing to be told.

how can they be so ineffective over and over again unless they really are on the same side as bush and cheney? someone please answer that question.


boznotros said...

I think you answered your own question. Giving Bushco carte blanche on wiretapping really paid off---for him.

tockeyhockey said...

my only guess is that the majority of the democrats actually agree with all the things that bush wants. but they lie to get elected.

or maybe they're just very keenly aware that only democrats and liberals end up getting shot or crashing in small planes.

you never know what goes on behind closed doors.