Tuesday, August 7, 2007

just a reminder:

to all of those who think that there is still hope for peace in iraq while americans continue to occupy the country, please read this.

i think i agree with ron paul, who at the recent ABC news debate said, essentially, that while pulling out of vietnam was a very hard thing to do, we have done more to mend out ties with vietnam since we left their country than we could have ever done while occupying it.

i am not a "defeat-o-crat" or a "cut-and-runner", as many main stream media outlets would like to paint those who oppose the iraq war and want troops home now.

i am just a realist who has studied history and believes that all occupying armies are eventually defeated. unless we go "roman" on the iraqis and adopt a "sow their fields with salt" mentality, they will continue to survive and continue to hate us for being there.

i often ask my hawkish friends what they would do if an invading nation promised to bring democracy to america. would you greet the invaders with open arms, or would you turn into a wolverine? most people i talk to prefer the wolverine route to any other option. no way would they let another nation tell us how to run our government. yet these same people just can't fathom why iraqis aren't laying down their arms and welcoming us.

put yourself in their shoes for just one minute, people.

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