Thursday, August 9, 2007

is this the worst ever?

let's have competition. if you can find an article that is, in any measurable way, worse that this one, i will send you a case of beer.

first off, the author thinks that terrorism in america is a good thing. if that weren't enough to disqualify an article as worthy of publication, i don't know what is. but it gets worse.

the argument the author makes is based on the now hundred-time disproven idea that 9/11 and the invasion of iraq are connected.

the author plainly states that in order to give americans the strength to continue to want to fight the iraq war, we need another 9/11 to remind us of why we invaded iraq in the first place.

i am ... dumbfounded. just read it and post your own impressions. it's the worst thing i've ever read.


One Fly said...

who's going to be the judge?

One Fly said...
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tockeyhockey said...

i'd be happy to be the judge. send me some links and i'll compare.