Thursday, August 30, 2007


the left wing blogosphere continues to suck. it whines, it complains, it criticizes, and it accomplishes nothing.

i think what people on the left forget is that those who have fought for this country have a much louder voice than those who have not. a call for a draft to protect our military would be much more positively received than the never-ending bitch-fest that goes on on kos, eschaton, etc. "bush always gets what he wants! the democrats are spineless! don't bother me, i'm playing a massively multi-player online game!"

let's win this war. let's bring the best of the youngest generation to bear. draft them, recruit them, train them, and send them off to battle where they might win a war that otherwise would be lost. let the current generation have their chance to unseat the greatest generation as the newest greatest generation.

a draft is what is needed right now, more than anything else. those who don't support it are just a bunch of whining babies.

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