Thursday, August 30, 2007

piling on

i can't say i'm happy with all the piling on of sen. craig. the man is getting destroyed, and the personality type he has exhibited so far indicates the type of inflexibility that may lead to dealing with his depression through suicide.

honestly. lay off the guy. he's a closeted homosexual who has just been pushed out of the closet in the meanest of ways and is now the butt of late night comedy jokes.

just let him be. it's not funny. the guy needs help right now. since when are senators beyond humane treatment?

i don't agree with his policies or his lies or his lifestyle (i.e., creating an alternate personality for his public life, not his homosexuality). but i do believe that the man deserves compassion and help. that's what makes our side different from the other. don't become what you hate.

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