Wednesday, August 8, 2007

republicanism and sexual deviance

is there a correlation? i would venture that there is.

i don't say this to be snarky. but i do see a trend here. there have been literally dozens of sexually related controversies involving republicans in the last several years. it seems to me that there is something about republicanism, the repression of one's true sexuality, and conservative christianity that leads to perverse acts, ones that usually involve taking advantage of those who have less power.

i was reminded of the recent controversy surrounding congressman mark foley, so i did a google search and came across this website. i don't have time to verify every single accusation, but if they are true i think they point to the correlation that i am imagining.

and can someone please tell me why the age of consent in DC is 16, when it is 18 almost everywhere else in the nation?

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