Tuesday, August 7, 2007

over on other blogs

here's an interesting little argument that is floating around in some of the left-leaning blogs i have been reading recently. that, essentially, impeachment would be great, but it's just not politically expedient right now:

well i say this is nonsense. i just can't disagree with this statement any more vehemently.

first off, impeachment is not an "idea". it's not something that you plan, or only undertake when it suits your political agenda. it is a constitutional standard that is required of congress. it is, essentially, law. to not impeach a president who has committed crimes is unconstitutional.

we do not take the constitution when it suits us and ignore it when it does not suit us. we take it as it is: the written code by which we govern our nation.

all this namby pamby nonsense about impeachment not being the right thing to do, or not being politically expedient, is the kind of stuff that drivels out of the mouths of people who don't have faith in our country, its laws, and its system of justice. i question the patriotic character and moral fiber of a person who does not wish to impeach the president and vice president simply because it might cost the democrats votes in future elections. it is exactly this kind of craven, politically motivated posturing that is seen as weakness by the american electorate.

you impeach the president because he broke the law. that's it. that's the only "standard" that needs to be met. not some nebulous standard of "will it backfire on us in 08" or other such nonsense.

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