Thursday, August 9, 2007

a draft?

if we are going to stay in iraq for the longhaul -- a prospect that looks increasingly likely -- we are going to need a larger army that draws its men and women from a larger swath of our nation.

i remember back in 2004 when people started calling for a draft in some of the major newspapers and thinktanks, such as here, here, and here. but since that time, the idea of a draft has completely fallen out of the national conversation.

why exactly?

are we so selfish as a people that we're willing to put incredibly heavy burdens on our career military folks and our national guardsmen and not give them any help at all? is it unfair that, typically, only the poorest and least educated young men and women are fighting in iraq, and that very few college kids are being forced to enroll?

if we truly want to support our troops, we should push very hard for a draft. the war we are fighting should be fought by all members of our society, and the burdens spread out amongst the rich and the poor.

i'm embarassed by our country's selfishness. it's sad that our leaders would take us down this path, but it's even more distressing that the majority of the people in this country won't help out. they'll get the personalized license plates (just enter code GTP!) but that's about all we can expect our fellow countrymen -- even the right-wingers who support the war -- to do.

i don't support the war. but i do support our military. that's more than most in this country can really say. and, yes, if i were drafted, i'd go and fight.

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