Monday, August 27, 2007

a crazy idea,

i understand the joy of piling on to the family values senator gone wild. it's easy pickins. but maybe those of us who truly support equality for homosexuals in every facet of our culture should slow down before the "glory hole" jokes start flowing.

isn't larry craig a victim of the same wrong-headed societal pressures that most progressives are constantly railing against? i mean, if we lived in a world where homosexuality wasn't still "icky", wouldn't have senator craig been able to navigate himself wherever his sexual desires might have taken him? and wouldn't he have, then, been able to find sexual and personal satisfaction in ways that didn't involve visits to public bathrooms?

seriously -- the ourpouring of emotion from the left on this issue shouldn't be "ha ha". it should be "i feel sorry that we live in a country where a man who is clearly homosexual has to repress his desires to the point where he can only be fulfilled in a public bathroom."

being gay is ok. someone needs to let senator craig know that. hopefully it will be someone on the left who tells him that.

after all, the ultimate result of repressed homosexuality seems to be republicanism. so we need to fight this as much as anything else.

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